i have a limited time please help ;-;Jessica and Raphael are saving money for concert tickets. Each friend starts with an amount and also saves a specific amount each week.Jessica came up with the following equation to show the total, y, she has saved at the end of each week, x.y = 10x + 20Raphael created a table to show the total he has saved at the end of each week.Weeks 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Amount saved 40 46 52 58 64 70 76 82 88After saving for a certain number of weeks, Jessica and Raphael will have each saved the same amount of money. How much money will they have each saved then?Compare the rate at which each friend saves money.Select the correct answer from the drop-down menu to complete the statement.The rate at which Jessica is adding to her savings each week is {1,4,6,8,10} $ more than the rate at which Raphael is adding to his savings each week

Accepted Solution

Jessica saves $4 more a week than Raphael. I took this quiz and it was correct.