Jerry started doing sit-ups every day. The first day he did 19 sit-ups. Every day after that he did 2 more sit-ups than he had done the previous day. Today Jerry did 41 sit-ups. Write an equation that could be solved to find the number of days Jerry has been doing sit-ups, not counting the first day. Let n represent the number of days.

Accepted Solution

The equation to find number of days is: 19+2n=41Step-by-step explanation:A linear equation is an equation in which the power of variable is only 1.Let n represent the number of daysThenSit-ups on first day = 19Sit-ups each day = 2Total Sit-ups today = 41The equation will be: 19+2n=412n because Jerry adds two sit-ups each day and 19 will be separate as it is required not to count that.Hence,The equation to find number of days is: 19+2n=41Solving the equation:[tex]19+2n=41\\Subtracting\ 19\ from\ both\ sides\\19-19+2n=41-19\\2n=22\\Dividing\ by\ 2\ on\ both\ sides\\\frac{2n}{2}=\frac{22}{2}\\n=11[/tex]The number of days are: 11Keywords: Linear Equation, Solution of linear equation in one variableLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/3375830brainly.com/question/3398261#LearnwithBrainly