PLZ HELP QUICKThe graph shows the balance of an account earning quarterly compound interest.Which statements are true about the function?Select each correct answer.a. The practical domain is x≥100 , so the account balance is always greater than $100.b. The practical range is y≥100 , so the account balance is always positive.c. The graph is ascending, indicating that the account balance is increasing over time.d. The account balance will be $222.11 after 40 years.e. The point (1,102.02) represents an initial account balance of $102.02.

Accepted Solution

a. False. The domain (x-coordinates) starts at 0, not at 100.

b. True. The range (y-coordinates) does start at 100 and increases.

c. True. The graph moves up to the right showing an increase in y as x increases.

d. True. Point (40, 222.11) means that when x = 40 years, y = $222.11.

e. False. The initial point is at x = 0 when the account was opened. At x = 1, it is already 1 year after the account was opened.